UDK Side Scrolling Levels

Here’s a couple levels I built in UDK. The camera and player controller is done with unreal script but pretty much everything else I did inside the editor with kismet.

The first one was done in my spare time for fun and uses pretty much assets that come with UDK. The second one has quite a bit more complexity and was done for a level design class I was taking at the time. Pretty much all of its assets were built by me.

You can download these two levels and play them for yourself by right clicking and selecting save as

on the links below.

UDK_Level1_1 (Updated Links to come)

UDK_CogworkClockwork (Updated Links to come)

For those that are interested here’s a link to download the diagrams/maps/asset lists I drew up for these two levels

2DPlatformer_Diagrams (Updated Links to come)