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October 2014

Game of Life Update

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I’ve been plugging away on this little game of life project. So far there are a few problems I’ve run into that have been fairly interesting to solve:

  • Detecting mouse clicks on an element. Currently I’ve got a decent solution for this but I think that I want to explore making it a little more robust in the future
  • Drawing lots of objects at once is really slow, I still haven’t fully addressed this problem. I still have a few things I want to try. I think pre-rendering may help the initial load. I also need to break out my old rendering techniques book to get some ideas. I need to experiment with the concept of buffers if I want to go forward with rolling my own api for drawing stuff. I’m also considering digging into a library like kineticjs for drawing.

Up next is getting the actual game of life rules functioning and making the animation

of it all work. Currently what I have is simple but I think it demonstrates the power of the canvas and it’s totally fun!

Tonight I also updated my Gruntfile to watch my js files so I don’t have to bother running a grunt task to compile every time I want to test something. I’ve gotta say Grunt is a pretty awesome tool for automating your workflow. Stay tuned for more later!!

Well now that I know this works….

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So I recently started using evernote. And now I’ve found an awesome way to publish blog entries. Hopefully this will encourage a lot more activity on my site!

Again I’ve stayed up way too late. I got to working on my personal project implementing Conway’s Game of Life using the canvas element and javascript. I’m really excited to get this thing wrapped up. And obviously I’m pretty far off from my lofty goal of doing a thing a week. It turns out that’s really hard!!!

The state of things so far is that I have my tiles and my game board all set up. I ran into some fun optimization problems with drawing large sets of tiles… I still think there’s some work I could do here to get things loading even faster but I’ll leave that for later. Next up will be making this thing light up tiles and following Conway’s rules.

Anywho, that’s all for now. If anyone cares to check out my progress I’m making commits to my github repo that’s available by clicking on the link in the footer of this page!

~ Levi